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    e-School System Solutions
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    Mega e-Commerce Solutions
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e-School System Solutions

On this modern age of education, school systems from infantile upto high school can get very complicated. Education happens now on smart boards where all information gets connected with each other. AS software introduces a complete integrated e-school system where you can manage student, teacher, personel data with accounting system and organize all exam, homework, lessons, classes with planning and guidence systems. Also with our e-school system you send bulk messages, design all shuttle, eating and activity facilities. Alltogether this is a complete system which fulfills all needs of a school.

e-Logistic and e-Stock

In the real world of trade logistic and stock management became one of the biggest issue for companies. Especially the bigger the company the bigger can become the problems of logistic and stock. Therefore to handle all kind of such problems and to act technologically at the highest level to ease the logistic and stock management we as As Software create the Mega Logistic and Stock System where you can use the system online on every platform like mobile, PC, tablet wherever you are and whenever you want.

e-Commerce Solutions

Generally two systems of online marketing are popular on the world. The first one is producing online shopping centers to sell the products or services of these shops Sildenafil, known as eCommerce, where you need store, logistic and deliver systems. The second one is giving the advertisment of any product or service individually, where you can sell and buy these products or services by yourself. The Mega Online Marketing System of As Software has merged these two systems on one platform first time on the world.

Our Services

What You Get Using Our Software Company’s Help

Best in class cloud solutions for your business today

The cloud is not a commodity. Virtual servers are not the same wherever you go. Try our cloud that was built from the ground up to be the best-in-class cloud solution for your business solution.

All kind of Mobile Applications

Software development services on Android, IOS, Windows Phone or BlackBerry IOS. Undepended from any sector we can realize all kind of mobile software developments which fulfill all your needs. We produce mobile applications which work in different mobile platforms to fulfill all kind of digital world applications. With our special applications developed for Android or IOS platforms we supply to communicate large scale of people in shortest time

Fast and affordable WEB design solutions

All WEB design solutions are created exactly just for you and according to your original ideas. We design fast and fulfill all your design needs for an affordable price.

Our software team takes over all kind of Web projects

All Web projects belonging to you or your company and with the addition of our experiences we make real your Web projects. We give also technical support for all software solutions which we take over.

SEO, Web design, Web software development

For our developed Web site projects as digital marketing channels we produce high efficent sites to increase the site traffic organically. Our Web sites get designed with a certain strategy where we follow all new technological architectures and trends so that all sites work on all PC and mobile platforms smoothly. Depending on the aims and missions we use newest technologies to develop our Web software solutions.

Best Internet Advertising Solutions

To have good Web sites is important but It is more important to increase the traffic of the sites. We use banner adds, Google adwords, Facebook adds, E-mail marketing viral marketing to increase the traffic of the sites of our customers according to their products and services to target much more people