Mega e-School System Solutions

On this modern age of education, school systems from infantile upto high school can get very complicated. Education happens now on smart boards where all information gets connected with each other. AS software introduces a complete integrated e-school system where you can manage student, teacher, personel data with accounting system and organize all exam, homework, lessons, classes with planning and guidence systems. Also with our e-school system you send bulk messages, design all shuttle, eating and activity facilities. Alltogether this is a complete system which fulfills all needs of a school.

Our system includes the following modules

E-Message,Students,Accounting,Finance,Exam,Homework/Lesson/Question Bank – Test etc...

User Types

In this part you can do the student registration and information tracking of the students.

Exams, Homework, Lesson

In the Exam, Homework/Lesson part you can create the exams, plan the exams, encode optical forms

Planning, Guidance

In the Planning Guidence part you can create the course and study plans of the teachers and classes.

Bulk Messages

In the Bulk Message (SMS) part you can send the same or special to name bulk messages (SMS)

Service, Food, Activities

In the Shuttle Eating Activity part you find the student shuttle tracking


In the descriptions part you can make the descriptions and adjustments


In the accounting part you can do the collection procedures, payment procedures,

Human Resource

You can get online over web the job applications, create new job reception, process applications according to the groups.

Customer Relations

This module supplies a better recognition of the costomers You can save the informations of your customers like their relations with the rivals, their past infos, their addresses, etc..

Stock module

Student Module

Creating student registrations. Tracking the pre-registrations and final registrations. Making the Contract, deed and installment. Bulk Uploading the students from excel file. Registering the parents and other relatives informations. Tracking the private informatons like shuttle, eating, books-stationery, clothes. Can be tracked in detail. Creating informations like reference, the school that the student came, social situation and health. Uploading the pictures of the students either from camera or files one by one or collectively.

Making student transfers (copy) from previous semester or another branch. Tracking the meetings of the students and their relatives. Tracking the messages sent to the students and their relatives. You can get reports like registration contract, payment plan, down payment receipt, monthly deeds. The students can get receipts for their payments and these receipts can be tracked. Payments for the students can be tracked. Credit card, cheque-deed, bank payment types can be created.

The supports can be tracked. Central or branch safe monitoring can be done. Absence monitoring can be done. Course, study, special course of the students can be tracked. Informations like clubs of the students, additional courses, transfers can be tracked in detail. Procedures like lecture notes, collectively class assignment, collectively absence input, monitoring of entry and exit of the students can be done. You can get different kind of reports of detailled or summary student informations or reports of fields that can be filtered as wanted.

Stock module

Teacher and Staff Module

Creating teacher and staff registrations. Special informations of teacher and staff like duty, type of work, where he/she came from, graduation, courses that he/she can attend, certificates and referance can be tracked. Contract and salary of the teacher and staff can be tracked. Payments made for the teachers and staff can be tracked. Entry and exit times can be described.

Teachers can be bulk uploaded from excel files. The pictures of the teachers and staff can be uploaded from camera or files. You can transfer (copy) the teachers from previous semesters. If there is more than one branch you can register or update the teachers to other branches at the same time. Active working teachers and the teachers who have left can be tracked seperately. For smart board you can create digital signitured key. Students can be assigned for special teacher.

Stock module

Accounting Module

Collection tracking can be done. Agreement with a bank and if there is an excel file coming from a bank, bulk collection input can be done. Payment done can be tracked. You can create current accounts for Company-Person or groups. You can make debit or credit towards on current accounts.

Income and expenditure monitoring can be done. For constant expenditures with certain amount you can make expenditure planning. You can view the account summary and print it. Current movement can be tracked. Buy and sell receipts can be tracked. The purchase of main product, child product and as product defined services can be tracked in detail like quantity, amount. You can view or print different kind of reports of collection for accounting, payment, future collection, payment which will be made, expired collection, expired payment, current movements, product-service lists, cash reports, student accounting reports and special reports as filtered using any fields wanted.

Stock module

Exam Module

Different kind of exams can be defined. Exam planning can be done. You can get planning reports as exam entrance card, hall entrance writing, hall polling list. You can do procedures like printing Common exam, butterfly exam, exam paper. Encoding optical form can be done. Measurement and evaluation of exams can be done. You can get exam result reports.

You can get different reports like sequential list, success analyse, subject analyse. Depending on the result of multiple exams you can get student status certificate (internal report). Depending on the result of whole exams you can get course, subject, acquisition success status in the shape of learning tree. The result of the exams can be viewed in detail, in summary or in comparison of student, parent and teacher informations. The result of the exams can be sent to the mobile phones of the students or parents as bulk message (sms). Depending on the exam you can make assignmnet of the class.

Stock module

Exams, Homework, Lesson

Teachers can give homeworks to the students individually or special to class. With homeworks you can send or get files. You can give grade to the homeworks and homework done control can be done. Homeworks and homework grades can be sent to the mobile phones of the parents. Homeworks can be viewed at student and parents panels.

The result of the homeworks can be reported for a student or alltogether. Teachers and administrative staff can upload the course videos and their content which can be viewed by the students and prents at their own panels. Teachers and administrative staff can upload questions to the question bank using the question upload system. You can create tests using questions from question pool which have the characteristics and formats wanted. Using the questions at the question pool you can apply online exams. On the smart board you can track homeworks and exams.

Stock module


Our mega e-school system is suitable for all kind of main curriculums like International Baccalaurate (IB), UK, American, French Lycee. So whatever is your curriculum or the amount of students or the amount of classes, our e-school sysem manages all these issues easily.

Using the smart board you can completely make the procedures of polling the students and the educational exam. Per month or per year you can edit insitution work plan. You can edit work plan of groups and classes. You can assign courses to the teachers and edit work plan for the teachers. You can make descriptions of groups,classes, courses.

There are a lot of easiness like transfering course plan from an excel file , setting the hours of parent meeting, course distribution wizards. You can send messages like informing, payment, free (sms) and absence, exam result in bulk or one by one. You can create groups and send the same message (sms) to one group or many of them. You can transfer groups from excel or pdf files to the system. You can add persons or numbers to the black list. Sent message (sms) status can be checked.

You can make shuttle descriptions and reach the detailed informations of shuttles and drivers. You can assign students to the shuttles and get the student list of the chosen shuttle. You can create eating lists and print the lists. You can create new activity or view old activities in detail. You can create albums and view old albums. Pictures can be downloaded or uploaded.

You can print activity reports and permission documents in bulk or just for one student. You can view institution and user informations, the roles of chosen user in detail and at he same time new user can be created. You can make semester, group, class, product-service, type of registration, building, classroom, safe and bank descriptions or change the old desribed informations. Using the report designer you can design exam result document or receipt for your insititution. Announcements of the insititution can be done. The procedures of adding or erasing advertising pictures, assigning courses to the classes, assigning chapters and subjects to the courses can be done. The procedures of authorization of the users and limiting the entrance hours or days can be done.

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