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Stock Operation

Stock module includes the Stock System and the Operation. On one hand there is palletized goods operation and on the other side product based operation. You can handle multiple depots at the same time. Under Warehouse Management each warehouse is managed under its sub system. The rack system plan is to be entered to the system, this plan includes the size, the weight, the volume of the racks and with these information a large warehouse plan can be done.

Places with or without racks can be addressed and the locations can be described. The entrance and the exit doors of the depots for the goods can be described. The authorization of which doors can be used to upload or download the goods, can be easily done. At the same time which door is for trailer or for truck or for van can be described. After you make the whole planning of warehouse, racks, doors, grounds, platforms, etc., the Operational system can begin. The Operational system works with all kind of goods with or without pallets. For goods like chemical or nutrition you can make segmentation, so that they do not mix each other. With the smart motor you can put the goods to the racks depending on their types or their groups. The goods without pallets like shoes can be grouped as example, colour, size, type. Depending on their groups the entrance or exit orders can be created. The orders for stock output can be done directly by customers or by personel.

According to the stock request, all the information about this request is to be entered to the system. This information includes the goods, the pallets, the features of the pallets, all the documents of these goods and pallets. After entering all these information a work order inside the warehouse can be created. After checking the goods entered to the warehouse, these goods can be approved over mobile android devices. These approved goods can be seen by customers using mobile, tablets or PC. The approved goods as accepted goods by customers get the most proper rack and addressed automatically. All the documents and signatures needed for the acceptance of the goods are prepared online using android software without having any paperwork and is sent to the customer automatically as PDF file. The customer, who sees this PDF file, understand that his request has been accepted offically.

As now the customer can enter the system and see all the information about the goods in the warehouse like which pallet or which rack, etc.. Our stock system can be used either by warehouse owners or warehouse renters or as entree warehouse or by everyone who has stock service. You can get very detailed reports on goods or pallets over the system. With our system you will have stock operations without any problems. In our system all kind of stock systems can be realized based on good, pallet or container operations.
With the usage of barkod module in the system all types of barkods can be produced and written and the whole goods, pallets and racks get their barkods with this barkod module. These barkods can be read by android devices or by mobile phones and the whole operation can be performed in this way. Using the documents module which is in the stock module, the dispatch and delivery transcripts can be signatured online over mobile or tablets and all these documents can be tracked and used over the system anytime, anywhere. You can also use the document designer to design all the receipts, dispatches and other documents online over mobile, tablets or PC. In that way you can design your own or customer documents for certain printers.

With our smart placing motor you can allocate any rack, block or any adressed field for a customer. Using the the smart placing motor you can perform operation by dividing in detail according to the groups of goods or stores. For example the system never accepts nutrition goods and chemical goods in the same area, you can describe groups of goods very easily in the system. For the goods which are broken or have malfunction, the warehouse personel can do all related processes easily in the system. All extra services like stretching, processes done handly, collection, etc. can be added directly to the pricing. The costs of all extra services or extra dailly stocking of the goods for the customer are calculated by the system.

With the pallet system the standart of the pallets can be described. With this system the currancy and the pricing used in the contract used automatically for the receipt of the customer. For example for any customer you can see directly over one point how many pallets the customer owns, daily stocking prices or all other extra services You can directly produce the receipt or print the receipt end of the month automatically. All the stock and operation processes, the user processes and logs get recorded and the whole operation can be organized again.

User authorisation can be done for all or certain stock operations. You can measure the performance of any user, calculate monthly or daily works of the user and get user/performance analyse reports. Using the warehouse reports you can get all the information like rack situation, volume, weight of the goods and reports about all fields. All stock operations can be organized online, system defect or backup costs do not exist because cloud technology is being used here. You have got allocated server system just for you, therefore you can track and operate you company stock system wherever you are whenever you want.