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Student Module

Creating student registrations. Tracking the pre-registrations and final registrations. Making the Contract, deed and installment. Bulk Uploading the students from excel file. Registering the parents and other relatives informations. Tracking the private informatons like shuttle, eating, books-stationery, clothes. Can be tracked in detail. Creating informations like reference, the school that the student came, social situation and health. Uploading the pictures of the students either from camera or files one by one or collectively.

Making student transfers (copy) from previous semester or another branch. Tracking the meetings of the students and their relatives. Tracking the messages sent to the students and their relatives. You can get reports like registration contract, payment plan, down payment receipt, monthly deeds. The students can get receipts for their payments and these receipts can be tracked. Payments for the students can be tracked. Credit card, cheque-deed, bank payment types can be created.

The supports can be tracked. Central or branch safe monitoring can be done. Absence monitoring can be done. Course, study, special course of the students can be tracked. Informations like clubs of the students, additional courses, transfers can be tracked in detail. Procedures like lecture notes, collectively class assignment, collectively absence input, monitoring of entry and exit of the students can be done. You can get different kind of reports of detailled or summary student informations or reports of fields that can be filtered as wanted.